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Mask designed to stimulate your senses

The BeCooL Experience

Let us show you a day with the BeCooL changeable fragrance face mask.


Mask Odors with changeable Fragrances

Tired of smelling your own breath after lunch? Want a face mask that refreshes as it protects?


Each of our mask comes with three refreshing fragrances:

  • Juicy orange to help perk you up in the mornings

  • Winter peppermint to refresh and cool in the hot and humid weather

  • Calming Jasmine after a stressful day


Safety is our top priority, we use food grade fragrances infused into FDA approved polymer beads to ensure a slow, consistent release.  All our fragrances are independently lab tested and approved.

We know that many people add a drop of essential oil onto their mask and say it's the same as a BeCooL mask.  We don't recommend this practices as adding oil may destroy the water repellent properties of the mask & impact it's effectiveness.  Additionally, the release of the fragrance from the oil may not be controlled leading to excessively strong odors.  Take the hassle and risk out of your fragrance, use a BeCooL mask.   

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Antimicrobial Efficacy

The standard face mask can allow bacteria & viruses to grow as you go about your day.  BeCooL masks are treated with Sciessent Agion® Silver Antimicrobial Technology.  Based in the USA, Sciessent are leaders in their field.  Learn more at 


Agion® Antimicrobial utilizes a unique zeolite and ion exchange process to deliver a highly efficient antimicrobial performance. Agion® is EPA approved, FDA registered for use in medical mask & EU PT9 listed. 

We stand behind the quality of our products, send us an email, we're more than happy to share the Sciessent white paper on Agion® Antimicrobial along with our lab test results.

Ultimate Protection


Three Layers

of Protection

Following the guidance from the WHO, our face mask is constructed of 3 layers.  The outer most layer is specially treated polyester blend that repels water, filters dust particles & protects from UV. 


The middle and inner layers are 100% cotton treated with Agion® antimicrobial. Our mask will maintain optimal functionality to 30 washes. As a matter of fact, independent lab tests have confirmed we maintain between 70-80% water repellent after 30 washes!

Comfortable & Washable

BeCooL Face Mask

BeCooL Face Mask

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