BeCooL Face Mask Ltd., was established in 2018 with the idea of bringing added benefits to the traditional face mask. The company was first established in Bangkok, Thailand and has since expanded to Vietnam and Hong Kong. The founder, came up with the idea after seeing Thai motorcycle riders using peppermint inhalers which protruded from their noses while navigating through Bangkok traffic. 


There has to be a better & safer way!


After two years of research and development we are proud to launch our new line of face masks & fragrances which serves to protect and stimulate your senses.  You have sun glasses to protect your eyes, AirPods to drown out unwanted noise, and now, BeCooL face mask for your nose. The transporter may still be science fiction, but now it’s easier than ever to block out the world and find your inner Zen!






24 / 7 including holidays.

Packages ship next business day.

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