Frequently asked questions

Will a fabric face mask protect me?

Both the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease control (CDC) have recommended the use of fabric face mask to the general public to reduce the spread of infection from respiratory diseases. BeCooL® face mask have been designed to meet these latest requirements.

What is Agion® Antimicrobial? Does it kill viruses & is it safe?

Agion® Antimicrobial utilizes a unique zeolite and ion exchange process to deliver highly efficient antimicrobial performance. Agion® inactivates both bacterial and viruses in clinical studies. Agion® has long been used in the medical device industry to drastically reduce infections. Agion® is EPA approved, FDA registered for use in medical mask & EU PT9 listed.

What happens to my mask after 30 washes?  Can I continue to wear it?

The outer layer of your BeCooL® face mask has been treated to be water repellent keeping your mask dry. After 30 washes, the water repellent effectiveness may be reduced thus reducing the masks’ overall effectiveness. That’s when you purchase a new mask!

Is the fragrance safe for me to wear all day?

Safety is our top priority! All our fragrances have been lab tested and approved for use. After long periods of use, you may become desensitize to the fragrance. We recommend you to take a break and place the fragrance sachet back into the foil packing. You can resume use when you need a boost!

Can I change fragrances throughout the day and save the sachets for a later time?

We highly recommend that you tailor your fragrance throughout the day to suit your mood. The fragrance sachet can be placed back into the foil packaging and used at a late time.

How long can I reuse the fragrance?

You can use each sachet until the fragrance is gone or too weak to notice.

How do you ensure these masks are ethically made and you’re not using a sweat shop?

We work directly with our suppliers and frequently visit their facilities. Many of our suppliers are small family owned businesses. We believe that supporting these small businesses will in the long run, help the community we live in!






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