Material of mask is very comfortable and its breathable. Small fits nicely for my face and not tight at all. Orange scent is freshening, scent is not overpowering. I would definitely buy it again!

Dinesh S.

The outward facing side looks really good, giving the mask a premium look. The mask is comfortable, and having a fresh scent is a nice touch. A big plus is that the loops don’t cause the back of the ears to hurt.


I don’t like to wear masks - most are usually too big for my face and I don’t like to smell my own breath! The BeCool mask is soft and it smells real good. No more funky breath!

Renu N.

I finally found a mask that provides great covering and protection, and is breathable. Great when you’re out and about and don’t want keep being reminded of the laksa you had for lunch!

Alice L.

Love the fabric of the face mask both exterior and interior smooth and comfortable. Breathable even outdoors in the humid weather. Small fits awesome!






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